2014 Spring Vintage Classic

Another great year is about to begin for SVRA. Check out our full 2014 Schedule.

Welcome to SVRA

Setting the New Standard in Vintage Racing - As the only national organization in Vintage Racing, SVRA is firmly committed to presenting the best possible experience for our drivers, fans and sponsors.

From 200MPH F-1 cars to the classic beauty of Bugattis and Ferraris, it’s all on the track with Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA). We call the major tracks of the United States home – Watkins Glen, Mid-Ohio, Virginia International Raceway, Sebring, Road America ... Vintage racing at it’s best with one of the founding organizations of the sport.

SVRA provides a complete racing weekend for almost any type of vintage race car. From the minute you become an SVRA Member, we treat you with the courtesy and respect you deserve as a vintage race car owner and driver. Plus, our goal is to share equally in the fun of the racing weekend.

There is something pure about seeing a racing Ferrari in action, or a Shelby GT350 blasting down a straightway. Yes, these cars look gorgeous standing still, even in a museum. However, rest assured that the likes of Enzo Ferrari and Carroll Shelby would much rather see their creations raced as intended, and that is what the SVRA is all about.